Pain Management Clinic

Treat pain and discomfort when you need it most with short wait times for the latest pain management procedures using image-guided injections assisted by Ultrasound or Fluoroscopy by our team of renown radiologists.

DEXA Body Composition Scan

Go beyond just a BMI and get your true fitness performance and well being with a full body DEXA Scan. Get a full report on your muscle mass vs fat, bone density and more! Book an appointment today.

Children's Heart Clinic

Welcome to Glenwood Radiology’s Pediatric Echocardiography Services led by internationally recognised pediatric cardiologist Dr. Ian Adatia MBChB, FRCP(C). Our team of knowledgeable staff are committed to providing you and your child with quality care and look forward to meeting you to discuss your child’s pediatric echocardiography needs.

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Edmonton’s Diagnostic Imaging Experts

Welcome to Glenwood Radiology, a leading provider of modern diagnostic imaging services located in the west end of Edmonton, Alberta. Since 2013, we have been serving thousands of patients from across the greater Edmonton region including rural Alberta. Our services include Pain Management, Pediatric Echocardiography, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, Bone Densitometry, DEXA Body Composition Scans and much more.

Pain Management Clinic

Image guided pain management injections led by renown radiologist Dr. April Halliday and consulting by Dr. David Lyons

Children's Heart Clinic

Pediatric Echocardiography led by internationally recognised pediatric cardiologist Dr. Ian Adatia

Breast Clinic

Your convenient all-in-one clinic to receive your mammography, ultrasound and biopsies as needed all in one place in the same day


Go beyond just a BMI and get your true fitness performance and well being with a full body DEXA Scan and receive a colour report in around 20 minutes

Vascular Age Screening

Know your cardiovascular risk early with our non-invasive Vascular Age Screening exam using CIMT performed at Glenwood Radiology and can be booked online today!


We offer short wait times for Screening Mammograms and Diagnostic Mammograms and proudly offer VolparaDensity to determine each patient’s unique imaging needs


We offer a full array of ultrasound services including general, obstetrical, pediatric and musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound all with shorter wait times


Let us help complete your x-ray appointment quickly with shorter wait times including walk-in service to get your physician the results fast

Bone Densitometry

Measuring bone mineral density (BMD) is most often used to diagnose osteoporosis and detect possible bone loss and our shorter wait times helps get results faster

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“I would 100% recommend a DEXAscan for anyone untested in getting a better understanding of their health. Jill was excellent doing my scan and going over the results with me.”

Veronika F.

“Fantastic experience! Entire (DEXAscan) process was friendly and professional, space was modern, clean, the process seamless and fast. Tech was informative, staff lovely and inviting. Very positive experience – will be referring clients over in the future. Thanks so much for this opportunity!”

Joey M.

“It was great to return to Glenwood Radiology for a repeat scan. Just like my first time, the whole (DEXAscan) experience was brief and informative. The staff is helpful and pleasant – and helped to keep the experience light and fun! The information junkie in me loves the thorough report, complete with comparisons from my previous scans. Look forward to returning again! Thank you!”

Tracy H.

“I really enjoyed the whole process and especially going through the results! It was a lot of fun! (DEXAscan) I really enjoyed the whole process and especially going through the results! Super nice to know what portions of my body are truly my lean body mass. I’ve wanted to know for a long time. Also, everyone is so nice here!”

Genevieve C.

“The staff are knowledgeable and friendly! My experience was very positive. The (DEXAscan) procedure takes a little longer than 10 minutes and they also take the time to explain everything.”

Thomas B.

“Very friendly staff! Took the time to explain the results thoroughly and made me feel at ease throughout the visit and scan!”

Jeff H.

“My experience at Glenwood Radiology was wonderful! The Dexascan machine was fast and comfortable. The staff are very professional + nice. I will be back to follow-up on my progress in 6 months!”

Debbie P.

“Great customer service! Staff is very friendly and welcoming. The areas are neat and tidy. Second time here, I would definitely recommend Glenwood Radiology!”

Jasmine L.

“Everyone that works here is very friendly and professional! I will be coming back to check my progress in a few months!”

Jena A.

“If you are serious about training you need to make DEXA scans a regular part of it! The accuracy of the results of the DEXAscan gives me confidence in using it as a complete view of my training history.”

Darry l.

“I recommend anyone to come here. Ken is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He’s been a great help in my weight loss journey. The staff at Glenwood Radiology are always friendly and helpful! I recommend anyone to come here!”

Jonathan L.

“Very knowledgeable! Explained all the parts of the body composition report”

Steven B.

“This is the best diagnostic radiology facility around. The staff are so personable and professional. In terms of access and overall low stress experience, there is no comparison. The best service in Edmonton!”

Carl U.

“Having real data and seeing real progress is very satisfying. Ken and the other technicians do a great job of explaining the scans. Everyone is friendly and helpful!”

David L.

“Amazing service! Quick, efficient and knowledgeable. Can’t wait to come back for another DEXAscan!”

Brianne D.

“I had an amazing experience coming here for my first DEXAscan. The exam is very well explained and staff is amazing and so friendly. I can’t wait to watch my progress monthly… Thank you for the great experience and environment!”

Aaron D.

“My follow up DEXAscan appointment was a fantastic experience. The technician who performed the scan took time to review the procedure before starting and thoroughly reviewed my results and explained the improvements I had shown between my two scans… The staff at Glenwood Radiology always provide a great, welcoming atmosphere.”

Camillia M.

“I love working here! I’m thrilled to be part of a clinic that is so actively involved in health-related initiatives and raising awareness!”

Kylee, Glenwood Radiology Staff

“From start to finish the experience was professional and transparent in all aspects. Everything was explained in great detail, the technician was informative and hospitable. Another DEXAscan at Glenwood Radiology is in my future!”

Bradley M.

“Glenwood Radiology has helped in preparing myself in numerous fitness competitions and Ken does an excellent job – thanks!”


“Very Good. Informative and in-depth detail of results. The comparison of past scans helps track progress and give feedback to the effectiveness of different diet and exercise. Really helps me to pursue my goals. Thank you!”

Preston K.

“Really satisfied with my overall experience at Glenwood. Enjoyed having the results broken down in depth. I would recommend this scan to any athlete or anyone in the general population. So much valuable information provided.”

Aaron H.

“This test helps me gauge my level of fitness and allows me to make my future fitness goals. Great experience and friendly staff.”

Devin P.

“My experience at Glenwood Radiology has been fantastic – the staff are knowledgeable, professional and friendly! The information I have received from doing the DEXA scans has been very valuable to reaching my training goals. I would recommend Glenwood Radiology and DEXA scan to anyone hoping to learn more about their body!”

Hala K.

“Such a quick and easy way to get an objective assessment of body composition – especially with repeat scans, since you can track fitness progress and results over time! Staff are friendly and always explain what’s happening. And, it’s all over with in no time at all!”

Kris J.

“Within a week I was walking again and able to continue our extended vacation travels. I highly recommend Dr. Halliday for her comprehensive knowledge and diagnostic skill.”

John M.

“Staff was very friendly. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. Jillian explained the results very clearly and in depth. Enjoyed the experience. Would have a DEXA-Scan done again. Highly recommend!”

Jeff K.

“The staff here are courteous, and very patient. They went the extra mile to help accommodate my schedule.”

Ryan S.

“It is wonderful to see how the body adapts and changes. Seeing on increase in bone density is a bonus!”

Lindsey G.

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