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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to several commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I need an appointment at your clinic?

For most procedures you do require an appointment, often because you must adhere to certain preparations in order for your exam to be done.

Walk-in x-rays are always accepted during scheduled hours. Please call us or check our hours of operation. Mammograms, bone density, body composition scans and ultrasound can sometimes be accommodated on a same-day basis. Our ultrasound department is however very busy and often only emergency walk-ins are accepted.

How long is the wait time for an appointment?

There are some same day appointments for emergencies and walk-ins. For non-emergency exams, the wait time is typically one to two days (except for MSK exams). Wait times may vary due to many factors. Please call us for more information.

How long is the wait time for an x-ray if I walk-in?

Every day is different for x-rays, since they are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Feel free to call and inquire as to the current wait time.

Do I need a referral/requisition from my doctor?

Referrals/requisitions are required for all of our services except screening mammograms for women ages 40-49, if she has had a mammogram before, and women ages 50-74. Please see our self-refer eligibility checklist. For more information about self-referred mammograms click here.

Do I require a Glenwood Radiology requisition form to have an exam performed at your clinic?

No. We accept requisitions from anywhere, as long as the requisition is complete and signed by your physician.

Can I receive treatment from someone who speaks my language of preference?

We have several bilingual and multilingual staff. Please advise us what language you are comfortable with and we will try to accommodate your preference.

Am I able to request a female or male technologist do my exam?

We will do our best to accommodate your request, however, it is not always possible. If it is not possible for us to accommodate your request you are welcome to have a chaperone accompany you for your exam. Currently we only have female technologists conducting gynecological exams.

Can I bring my children to my appointment?

We understand that when attending your appointment at Glenwood Radiology you may have to bring your child/children with you. Although this is not prohibited, we do suggest that due to the nature of our examinations that you make alternative arrangements for childcare and attend alone if possible. If your child/children attend your appointment with you, Glenwood Radiology will not assist or be responsible for the care of your child/children.

Examinations such as x-rays or injections, where there is radiation involved, children will not be allowed to sit in these appointments. Examinations where radiation is not a concern, and there is no other alternative than your child/children to sit in the examination, this will only be allowed, if approved by the Technologist. If your child/children are allowed to sit in your examination and your child/children become disruptive during the exam thereby preventing the technologist from completing it, our technologist reserves the right to STOP the examination and reschedule your appointment.

A waiver is necessary if required.

How early do I need to arrive to my appointment?

Please try to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. For some exams you may be required to complete a questionnaire and/or change into a gown. Arriving early ensures that you are ready for the exam at your scheduled time.

Do I need to bring my requisition to my appointment?

Yes, we cannot perform the exam without the requisition.

Do I need to bring my Alberta Health Card and Photo ID with me to each appointment?

Yes, it lets us verify that we have the right contact information for you, and it is allows us to identify who you are. As per Alberta Legislation, Alberta Health Care and Photo ID should go hand-in-hand. Patients may be declined care or asked to pay for their visit if they do not present their proof of identity. New Health Care cards are available for free from Alberta Health Care.

If I have not followed the preparation instructions, or am late for my appointment, will I have to reschedule?

We may have to reschedule your exam, depending on the volume of other patients. It is necessary to follow preparation instructions so the technologist can obtain the best possible images for the radiologist. Each exam takes a certain amount of time. If you are late, we may take the next patient or take a walk-in patient in your place and you will have to reschedule.

For fasting exams, am I able to take my medication?

Yes, you may take medications with a small amount of water.

Can someone be in the room with me during my exam?

Our technologists need to be able to concentrate on obtaining the best images possible and having others in the room can be distracting.

For pregnancy exams, one additional person can be accommodated in our exam rooms after the medical portion of the pregnancy ultrasound has been completed (unless you are a minor). If you are a minor, you may have a parent or guardian with you for the exam. While it is a very exciting experience for couples, it is important for the sonographer to first obtain all the vital information that is needed to ensure your doctor receives all the details accurately without any distractions. During this step the radiologist may also request additional imaging.

When the medical portion of the exam is complete we are happy to bring your partner into the scanning room to see the pregnancy in real-time. Please note, however, there are medical circumstances when sharing the ultrasound exam may not occur.

Can I get a copy of the report sent to another physician?

Yes. When you check-in for your exam please inform the receptionist that you would like a copy of the report sent to another doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist or other medical professional.

My technologist did not provide me with any information about my condition or what they saw during the exam. Why not?

Medical radiation technologists and ultrasound technologists are trained to obtain the best possible images for radiologists to review and interpret. They are not trained to provide a diagnosis and are prohibited from doing so by their respective professional associations. The radiologist will read the images and provide a report to your physician. You should contact your doctor’s office for follow-up.