Glenwood Radiology Spruce Grove

Our Spruce Grove clinic is located on the 1st floor of Westwind Plaza 200 Building just off of Yellowhead Trail and Century Road. The 1st floor features the new Westwind Health Centre which features a full service Medical Clinic and Pharmacy.

Suite 212, 20 Westwind Drive
Spruce Grove, AB T7X 0Y5

Phone: 587-461-2221
Fax: 587-461-2227
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Monday 8am – 5pm*
Tuesday 8am – 5pm*
Wednesday 8am – 5pm*
Thursday 8am – 5pm*
Friday 8am – 4pm*
Saturday Please call for hours
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*Hours are subject to change. Latest hours available in our Calendar of Events.

Evening & Weekend Appointments are Available. Contact us at 1-888-850-3665 or book online.

Monday September 6th Closed

*Latest hours available in our Calendar of Events

Services at Glenwood Radiology

Did you know we can accept requisitions from any clinic? Enjoy the convenience of later hours and shorter wait times for many services at Glenwood Radiology!

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Barbotage Therapy

Treat tendon calcification pain and discomfort with Barbotage Therapy to dissolve and remove calcium that can build up on tendons – most commonly on the rotator cuff.

Bone Densitometry

Measuring bone mineral density (BMD) is most often used to diagnose osteoporosis, detect possible bone loss and predict 10 year fracture risk.

Breast Clinic

Your convenient all-in-one clinic to complete your mammogram, ultrasound and biopsies as needed.


The gold standard for measuring body composition, a DEXA scan includes an accurate reading of your body fat percentage, lean mass, fat mass, bone mineral density and much.

Liver Elastography

Measure your liver health with our non-invasive ultrasound method by assessing liver stiffness which can indicate fibrosis in patients with chronic liver disease.

Gynecological & Obstetrical Exams

We offer 3D ultrasound between 26-36 weeks gestation at the end of a requested medical exam (must be requested at the time of booking) Walk-in Appointments may be available.


We offer short wait times for Screening Mammograms and Diagnostic Mammograms and proudly offer VolparaDensity to determine each patient's unique imaging need.

MSK Ultrasound

Our MSK Ultrasounds are correlated with X-Ray as needed and remarkable reports are provided by our experienced MSK Staff Members. Walk-in Appointments may be available.

Pain Management Clinic

Image guided pain management injections led by renowned radiologist Dr. April Halliday.

Pediatric Ultrasound

We offer Pediatric Hip Ultrasounds (6 to 24 weeks), Pediatric Head Ultrasounds, Pediatric Spine Ultrasound (0 to 16 weeks) and Pyloric Stenosis (0 to 12 weeks).


We offer a full array of ultrasound services with shorter wait times including general, obstetrical, pediatric and musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound.

Vascular Age Screening

Let us complete your x-ray in a clean, friendly environment using leading edge digital technology with shorter wait times and walk-in appointments available.


Let us help complete your x-ray appointment quickly with shorter wait times including walk-in service to get your physician the results fast.