Liver Elastography

Measure your liver health with our non-invasive ultrasound method by assessing liver stiffness which can indicate fibrosis in patients with chronic liver disease.

We Accept All Requisitions from Any Clinic

Purpose of Liver Elastography

Statistics show that 1 in 4 Canadians may be affected by liver disease with the most common being non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. This means that it can affect everyone of all ages. 

A stiff liver is usually a sign of the disease which, left untreated, can progress to a more serious condition called cirrhosis.

Liver Elastography is a non-invasive ultrasound test to help measure the stiffness of your liver to determine the progress, if any, of liver disease.

What to Expect During Your Exam

  • After checking in you will be shown to a change room and asked to remove some or all of your clothing and put on gown. You may be asked to remove jewelry if it will interfere with the exam.
  • Your technologist will have you lie comfortably on a padded exam table. The technologist will then place lubricating gel onto the area being examined.
  • A painless low frequency vibration be directed to your liver and ultrasound will be used to measure how quickly these vibrations move through it.
  • A report will be generated for your doctor with a visual map showing the stiffness or elasticity of your liver
  • Once the exam is complete, you are free to leave and continue normally with your day. Your results will be sent directly from our radiologist to your referring physician.

How to Prepare for Your Exam

  • Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to allow enough time to change and prepare for your examination.
  • You should avoid sugary beverages or food before your exam as it may affect liver stiffness measurements.
  • Fasting 6-8 hours may be required. Our team will advise you at the time of booking.
  • Please note: if there is a chance that you are pregnant, the exam may not be possible.
  • Continue to take all regular medications as prescribed by your doctor.

How to Book Your Exam

  • Exams require a requisition form from your family physician.
  • You can book by phone by calling us during our regular business hours.
    West Edmonton: 780-705-9982
    Chappelle Crossing: 780-540-9066
    Spruce Grove: 587-461-2221
  • You can also conveniently book online.

Find a Family Physician in your area

  • If you do not have a family physician or need assistance with a requisition form or referral letter can help you find a family doctor accepting patients in your area.