In memory of Dr. April Halliday who will be missed by our entire team

Dr. Halliday, MD, FRCP(C) was an integral part of our Glenwood Family who helped to create our comprehensive Pain Management and Breast Imaging departments which continue to help those in need today. We will continue to celebrate her memories and her contributions and will cherish the legacy she leaves here at Glenwood Radiology.

From elite IRONMAN athletes seeking peak performance to her brave cancer patients requiring relief from pain, Dr. Halliday helped patients nationwide from all walks of life.

Dr. Halliday was a trusted member of The Alberta Society of Radiologists, The Canadian Association of Radiology and The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. She also held degrees in molecular and cellular biology as well as psychology which gave her a greater understanding of the workings of both the mind and body. This extra level of understanding helped her to excel in the field of Pain Management as it goes so much more than skin deep.

Today, her legacy continues to help those in need here at Glenwood Radiology.

From all of us at Glenwood Radiology, our thoughts are with her family.

For patients who would like to share their message and well wishes with Dr. Halliday’s family, please send them to a Glenwood clinic near you or email your message to and we will gladly share with her family. Thank you.